Enchanting views

The VOI Tanka Village overlooks the stretch of coast from Simius beach to Porto Giunco, connecting two of the most beautiful beaches in southern Sardinia. The fine sand is soft as silk, sparkling with precious quartz that has been worn down over millions of years.

A kaleidoscope of blue

The swell sweeps small shells along the shoreline, dancing in and out of the clear sea, where shades of blue shift and swirl until they reach the silver line of the horizon.

A beautiful duet

The sky meets the sea in a symphony of blue and the soft beaches shine like gold. Take a stroll hand in hand and lose yourselves in paradise.

Discover a world of intoxicating beauty

If you love Sardinia and its seas, you can explore the life on the seabed, go on a boat trip, or simply enjoy some sunbathing in a comfortable sun lounger shaded by palm trees.

Paid services can be booked on site.


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